Article 1 Croatian Walking Festival is a walking event, voluntary in nature and at individual risk.

Article 2 Every participant must be registered under the Croatian Walking Festival regulations. Same applies to cancelations.

Article 3 Croatian Walking Festival restricts the number of participants.

Article 4 No objects or vehicles, except prosthetic limbs and canes  are allowed to assist participants in walking. Running, speed walking and Nordic walking are excluded too.

Article 5 Participants must follow the route designed by the Croatian Walking Festival.

Article 6 Participants must not in any way disturb other participants or affect their walking activity.

Article 7 Participants must not express any controversial form of behaviour or speech during the Croatian Walking Festival, such as nudity and profanity.

Article 8 Participant must not express any political views, hate speech based on skin color, religion and gender, or advertise during the Croatian Walking Festival.

Article 9 Participants must not carry or distribute any dangerous objects during the Croatian Walking Festival such as guns or drugs.

Article 10 Participants must register in person at the start of the event.

Article 11 Participants must follow instructions given during the event.

Article 12 Participants agree that some audio and video materials featuring them may be placed in public for media coverage and other purposes regarding the event.

Article 13 Participants are aware that they take full responsibility for any eventual injuries and damages caused to their belongings and the Croatian Walking Festival is not obliged to compensate for such cases.

Article 14 Participants with invalid tickets, purchased through unauthorized sources will not be able to participate in the event. Any unauthorized activity should be reported to the organisation team.

Article 15 Participants confirm that they are aware of the rules and regulations through registration and that any violations will result in disqualification and/or legal prosecution.