When choosing footware for extensive walking, pay attention to a few things. First one is deffinitely appropriate size, but it is not most important. Make sure that the shoes are wide enough, because your feet will swell. Also, do not choose shoes which are too firm and dont leave enough space for the leg to move around – such as hiking boots.Pay attention to socks as well, best choice would be those made out of natural fabric, e.g. cotton. On the contary, choose clothes that will not soak up the sweat, but is airy. Prepare multiple layer of clothes so you can change according to the weather (this especially applies to rainy weather clothes), as well as protection for your head. And last but not least, prepare a backpack of optimal size – not too big so it does not burrden you, and not too small so you cannot fit all of your belongings and make sure it does not stuck to your back so you do not have air flowing in that area.