Am I fit?

We are not asking if you feel the hype and are ready to take on the challenge, we are asking if you are physically capable of performing it? Croatian Walking Festival is an extensive physical challenge and needs to be understood as such. Please, be responsible to your body so we can all enjoy the event without unnecessary hassle. What precautions should you take? Well, first of all, examine (and be honest about it!) in what physical condition are you generally in – are you normally training; have you been injured or ill recently; do you have the appropriate equipment; do you know what food and drinks your body needs under pressure; do you take any form of medication and if so, does your physician approve of high physical efforts? Croatian Walking Festival organisation will be at the highest level and of course, you will receive help if any unpredicted situations occur, but we cannot be and are not responsible for such instances or for individual neglect! This applies to all members of the staff, as well as any potential damage to participants personal (material) belongings!